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Some ginger words of wisdom, courtesy Erin O'Brian.

The Strange and Exotic Creatures Called GingersEdit

Gingers, are indeed strange creatures, especially in the world of Hetalia. Though they claim to have souls, they are quite prone to being tsundere, and always end up shoving their bratty and annoying poor, undeserving siblings around. It is said that 'not one fuck' will be given by the gingers, and I will have to concur with that statement. They are loud, brash, and prone to sleeping with other members of their family when drunk and getting knocked up. They are also, more often than not, Irish and therefore very, very violent. It is suggested you stay as far away as possible from gingers, lest you become their little nancy boy, or their bitch.

Some things you can do to placate the beastEdit

  • If they are not pregnant (which they are far to often, not having invented proper contraception in Ireland until recently) offering them alcohol will often calm the beast, especially if the said alcohol were to be Guinness or Jameson's Whiskey.
  • You should not bother arguing with them. Even when they are utterly wrong, they are always right.
  • You should also, at no point, try to show affection towards them. Having grown up in a harsh, thankless part of the world, they never received enough love as a child, and as such, take any display of affection as a personal insult.
  • If you do show affection, you should not, I repeat, should not, try to cover it up with sarcasm or more affection. This will prove to the gingers that; One, you weren't sincere in the first place, and two, that you wanted to make a fool out of them.
  • Mentioning of the lack of soul which seems to afflict these people should also not be brought up, lest there is no hope.

A few famous GingersEdit

  • Leprechauns Lucky Charms aren't even sold in Ireland, you knackers. They might not be, but you are. Feck off.
  • Fred and George Weasley And pretty much the rest of that family.