Mordecai and Rigby

The raccoon thing is believed to be Sealand's true form.

It thinks knows it is a country.Edit

I am here to tell you that that is a highly misguided view. It is, indeed, not a country, but rather an inactive military base. Sealand is a nation of awesome Unawesome. Anyone who is a citizen of it is automatically awesome. Unawesome

The parents of Sealand.Edit

The sad truth is that Sealand is the result of Germany's rape of England during World War II. [This comes from the fact that the British had to build Sealand due to the German air Raids and attempted invasions.] (Germany is a jerkface and doesn't act like a father, though.)

Sealand is the BOSS and ON A BOAT.Edit

Seriously, that bitch is BAD-ASS. Messing with Sealand is a mistake. Ignore this BS.


Hell yeah, Sealand does it (Like the kid he is). Giving squirrels caffeine and locking them in Jerkland's bedroom. Locking fifty chickens in Germany's house.

This bitch doesn't mess around.